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Ganga Addara Tele Drama Songs and Trailer

Twenty years ago – On August 1, 1980 to be precise, new hope dawned in the country with the release of the much hyped movie ‘Ganga Addara’ directed by Ms. Sumitra Peries and produced by Ms. Milina Sumathipala. And today the much talked-about teledrama version of Ganga Addara is all set to unspool on Sirasa TV from November 27 at 8 pm – every Saturday and Sunday thereafter.

Well-known Sudharma Nethicumara who makes her debut as a tele drama producer produces the tele drama while it is directed by Saranga Mendis.

“Talking of the Ganga Addara tele drama I must reiterate that this is not the tele version of the Ganga Addara film. This is different and it’s based on the novel by Laticia Boteju. It is a beautiful love story that will certainly be embraced with love by today’s generation. I always believe in quality and perfection. You will certainly see these qualities in the Ganga Addara tele drama too. I have invested a large amount of money on this project. Had I invested it in business, the returns would have been manifold. But my passion for arts has made me give my heart and soul to this project. This is my first step and I hope this would be a significant step in career as a producer too,” said Sudharma who also started work on the second part of ‘Ganga Addara’ last week.

Both Saranga Dissasekara and Shalini Tharaka who play the lead roles in the tele serial said they were so thrilled with the end product and that it would certainly be a hit among the audiences who today crave for wholesome entertainment.

Besides Saranga and Shalini, the enchanting romantic tale features Ravindra Randeniya, Buddhadasa Vithanachchi, Anula Karunathilaka, Veena Jayakody, Niroshan Wijesinghe, Deunuka Porage, Hasantha Gunasekara, Douglas Ranasinghe, Kanthi Fonseka, Malee Jayaweerage, Richrad Weerakkody and others in the key roles.

Prabath Roshan handled the camera, Banura Jayamal the art direction, Navarathne Gamage the music while Nimal Mendis and Ajith Galappaththy penned the lyrics.

Surendra Perera and Lalith Thomas have sung the songs that come in the tele serial.

Schedule:   weekends @ 8.00pm in Sirasa Tv

Starring:   Saranga Disasekara,Shalini Tharaka, Buddhadasa Withanarachchi,Anula Karunathilaka ,Ravindra Randeniya ,Vina Jayakodi ,Douglas Ransinghe ,Niroshan Wijesinge

Written By: Letishia Botheju

Plot Outline:

Producer- Sudharma Neththikumara
Director- Saranga Mendis
Camera- Prabath Roshan
Makeup- Ebert Wijesinghe
Assi:Director-Ravindra Thanthrige
Art Director- Banura Manage
2nd Assi:Director- Amila Madiwala
Production Manager- Hasantha Gunasekara


Saranga Dissasekara (Ranjith/Nisal)
Shalani Tharaka (Nirmala/Nimali)
Niroshan Wijesinghe
Ravindra Randeniya
Anula Karunathilaka
Budhdhadasa Withanarachchi
Veena Jayakodi
Cyril Wickckaramage
Douglas Ranasinghe
Seetha Kumari
Richard Weerakkody
Kumara Thirimadura
Devnaka Porage
Thorashi Thiloththama
Hasantha Gunasekara
Piumi Botheju
Mali Jayaweera

Ganga Addara :: Surendhra perera

Wehi bindu :: Amila Nidahasa


Ganga Addara Tele Drama Photos Click View

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