Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Umara Sinhawansa photos

A born entertainer - an extremely talented singer - a much sought after big name in the Sri Lankan music industry and now a permanent member of Bathiya and Santhush team...
Umara created her own identity in the way she dresses for performances bringing out her individuality. As much as she can shock you with pink hair extensions and a pink bling, she can appear quite tranquil when the performance calls for it. Gradually Umara has become a trendsetter and it is not at all surprising when the young entrants to the music industry copy her style. “new Umara” tested herself by taking part in two international song contests. She showed off her talents and mesmerized the judges to bag three awards bringing fame to our motherland.

Umara is the first female and also the youngest Music Audio Engineer in Sri Lanka.She has traveled to over 17 countries doing what she does best and what she loves the most…Singing her heart out…

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