Thursday, March 1, 2012

43 Royal College students arrested

Around 43 students of Royal College, Colombo have been detained by police for storming two leading girls’ schools at Kollupitiya and Cinnamon Garden areas and behaving in an unruly manner.

These students have been touring the streets of Colombo during their big match season.

They are presently being kept at Kollupitiya and Cinnamon Gardens police stations, said police spokesman SP Ajith Rohana.

The students will be handed over to their parents later in the day, he said.


  1. thank you very much for your exaggerated news. We thank all the officers from the top to bottom of the Colpetty police for guiding, parently advises and stern warning and discharging us in the most courteous manner. We did not become unpatriotic to our great Alma mater or to our parents. We simply and sincerely kept to the traditions of the two great schools, like the great presidents, prime-ministers, opposition leaders, education ministers, attorney generals, IGPs, and the commanders of the three forces of the two schools of the past. We are not hooligans at all.

    -Tarnesh Sinthaby-

  2. Now they are lying. I am an eye witness and today in the morning they entered into Musaeus college by force and behaved in a very bad way.Definitely you are hooligans. You should be ashamed of your behaviour. You insulted to your so called great Alma mater.


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