Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bogus Doctorates and Professors

Balumgala Team busted a multi-million rupee scam involving the sale of doctorates by a group of monks and a layman at a Temple in Kandy earlier this week. The head of this scam is idetified as S.AKariyawasam has been doing this for sometime.

Neth team has used a Balumgala team member to do the business with his. So when the day was set the correspondent drove to Kandy where he was directed to a studio. There he was handed over the cloak and other garments that are worn before receiving a doctorate. Later he was photographed.

Thereafter the journalist was taken to another location in the Kandy town where he met a layman identified as S. A. Kariyawasam who directed him to keep the cash in six separate envelopes to be given to the Buddhist Monks.

Later he was taken to a Buddhist Temple in Mahaiyawa. There he met the chief incumbent who identified himself as Ven. Indrajothi Wansanlankara Maldeniya Vajirana who later handed over the certificate.

This came despite an assurance by the Higher Education Ministry that it was preparing a policy framework that would prevent bogus education institutions from granting qualifications.

The Ministry also banned 10 such education institutions from giving bogus doctorates and degrees. The decision to ban the institutions was taken following recommendations by a Cabinet sub-committee appointed to look into the matter.

They were the

Sri Lanka Vishwa Samadhi Foundation
Jathika Sammaana Upadhi Sarasavi Aayathanaya
Sri Jayawardenapura Commemoration Foundation (Battaramulla)
Dharmapala Olcott Commemoration Foundation
International University for Alternative Medicine
Sri Jayawardenapura Lanka National Cultural Foundation
Multi National Peace Organisation
All Communities United Organisation
Samaja Subha Saadhana Acharya Upadhi Aayathanaya and Saamadhaana Vinishvayakara Maanava Himikam Sanvidhaanaya

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