Thursday, March 15, 2012

Maharaja and Sirasa Kumariya

The second Sirasa Kumariya beauty pageant kicked off at the channel’s auditorium in Borupana, Rathmalana last Saturday. Despite a wide advertising campaign, the channel received only 194 applications for the second leg of the beauty contest.

Colombo district MP Rosy Senanayaka, popular cinema and teledrama actress Dulani Anuradha and the first ever Sirasa kumariya  Shalani Tharaka attended Saturday’s orientation programme.

However, these candidates were separated from their parents as the Sirasa team launched into details about the pageant, reports say.

One of the most prominent points emphasized was that there was no room for camera shyness or backwardness, reports add.

The final 50 contestants were expected to stay at hotels sans chaperone while the final 12 had to enter a pact with the Maharaja Company.

According to the pact, all professional appearances and commercial pacts of the final 12 would go through the Maharaja Company for an agreed time period.

During that period, the Maharaja Company would get a share of royalties.

Reports say that if they agreed to the above conditions, the contestants’ parents too, would have to sign a pact. Producers were adamant that no applicant would be allowed to contest without their parents’ agreement to the pact in writing.

While, the orientation programmed was taking place, separated parents were huddled in the balconies and were unable to raise a single query, sources say.

Many of them had left the venue afterwards, quite stunned with these proceedings, sources add.

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