Friday, March 16, 2012

Damitha Abeyratne reveals about Ruwanwelle Sobhitha

After Ruwanwelle Sobitha's vulgar tape was broadcasted over the “Neth” FM Balumgala people started to protest against Ruwanwalle Sobhitha.
After this incident it is reported that Sobitha removed his robes.

This man A. Sobhitha was famous for “Washee Gurukam" which widely advertised in the media. Also there was a rumour that Sobhitha and actress Damitha had a close relationship.

few days ago actress Damitha Abeyrathne has revealed the truth about rumpurs and Ruwanwelle Sobhitha.

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Neth FM Balumgala Programme about Ruwanwelle Sobhitha

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  1. Bogambara arang awila mekata hiti puk gahala paiya kapala maranda one


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