Friday, March 2, 2012

Sudu Nangi’s ( Ayomi ) has wedded secretly ?


Ayomi Shanika, who rose to fame as ‘Sudu Nangi’ in the teledrama Jeewithe Lassanai has wedded in secret, according to a leading web site.

Her groom is connected to political and media fields, reports say.

The hush hush event was held at the Mt. Lavinia Hotel in July, 2009 and had a very select guest list.

However, the couple is quite estranged at the moment and Ayomi reports say that Ayomi is working as an intern at the Borella Ayurvedic Teaching Hospital and at the Navinna Ayurvedic Hospital.

However, she had recently told media that she is searching for a life partner and her love and partner should be the same person.

In addition to her performance as Sudu Nangi, Ayomi also plays roles in teledramas such as ‘Bahirawa Kanda’, ‘Sihina Puraya’ and ‘Pini Aga Pulingu’.

She is also to appear in productions ‘Raja Watta’ and ‘Korale Mahaththaya 2’, reports say.

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