Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tense situation in Kahawatta

An arson attack has been reported on the home of the suspects in the murder of a woman and her daughter in Kahawatte.

Following reports that the killers have been arrested, tensions prevailed in the Kotakethana area, where 52 year old Nayana Nilmini and her daughter, Kavindya Sellahewa, aged 18 years, were killed.
Protestors have turned unruly in their demands for the arrest of the suspects.

According to unconfirmed reports, a couple of a nearby home and a man have been arrested on suspicion. The two men are brothers, one being a UPFA Pradeshiya Sabha member, and the other, a three wheeler driver.

After news spread that they had been arrested, people lit firecrackers and then set fire to the homes of the suspects. Police said several teams, including STF commandos, have been sent to the area to bring the situation under control.

The protestors threw stones at the police after teargas was used against them.

The victims of the murder

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